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My goals were to improve gut health and flora, improve my asthma, and lose weight. Since focusing on functional medicine nutrition, my gut health and flora improved, I am now operating at 30% above my basic lung function, and I lost almost 20 pounds. I have noticed that my body's inflammation has decreased greatly.

Having a specific nutrition plan tailored for me as well as the supplements that Jenn suggested helped me the most. My gut problems have improved greatly now that I have implemented the recommended diet and lifestyle changes. I still have occasional flare-ups but not nearly as frequently. I feel better and am way less groggy. I no longer drink coffee, eat gluten or dairy, and have significantly cut back on added sugars. I am so much more aware of what I put in my body.

Jenn was amazing to work with! She gave great recommendations of brands of foods that I could eat on the elimination diet as well as explained everything in a way that I could understand.

Catrin P.

"I started functional medicine nutrition when I learned that the whole person is considered, rather than just specific symptoms. My main health goal was to reverse age-related muscle loss ("sarcopenia"). I reversed muscle loss for better overall strength and fitness, plus a more youthful appearing body. As Jenn predicted, I started seeing real results after about 6 weeks of following Jenn's recommendations for exercise, food (type and timing), and supplements. It IS possible to keep (or rebuild) muscle and strength as we age. Jenn was once my favorite yoga instructor, so I knew and trusted her before seeking her help with nutrition. Jenn is genuinely interested in helping us be healthy, fit, and flexible, in both body and mind."


-Michelle M. 

"I decided to start functional medicine nutrition to combat inflammation along with Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic adjustments. My goals were to continue on eating clean and to live pain-free. I feel great! Almost 100% pain-free. It takes willpower and commitment but it WORKS! Jenn has a world of knowledge about nutrition and how the body reacts to stress and foods. She's amazing and fun to work with. Always makes time to answer my questions. I always have her in my corner."


-Rose N.

"My ultimate goal was knowing I was not feeling the way I should be and that I needed to change. I had been much healthier about 5 years ago and since then had let my diet/physical movement practices fall to the wayside and I knew I was not at my best. I wanted to get back to that not only to feel better but to thrive and feel good on the regular. Since making diet and lifestyle changes, I have felt more in tune with my body and recognizing what feels good in terms of food and what feels challenging. I have created a much healthier relationship with food and do not feel like one "bad" day is throwing me off track.

I recognize that little steps each day make the difference. I have felt myself be able to accomplish personal and professional goals because my energy levels are where I want them to be.


My biggest takeaways are that it is about steps and the process -- it is not a fix-all in 3-4 weeks. For me, it was 2 months to start to see changes and 6 before I felt significantly different, but after a year I am feeling confident in my choices and habits! It takes time to heal and retrain yourself, so sticking with it, day by day, despite hiccups, is the key.


Jenn has not only helped me understand myself and my body, but has helped shape how I view food, nutrition, and focusing on the idea that your body is incredible and can heal."


-Josh O.  

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"As I approach turning 50, I wanted to make better health decisions considering genetic information. To include what lifestyle changes to adjust for optimal health. Weight loss and maintaining good health stats were part of this motivation.


Positive changes I have experienced include gaining knowledge about what works better for my genetic tendencies, willingness to try new foods, confirmation that types of exercise I enjoy are a good choice for my body and love the increased energy levels.


My biggest takeaways are to set goals in small increments, setbacks may happen but process them and keep going, and there are several ways to measure progress besides the scale! Also, how to find balance: the scale is not the end all be all, but it is a useful tool not to be ignored either.

I'm grateful for the education and the resources Jenn provided me. I'm very independent but sometimes it's good to reach out for support, accountability, and new ideas. I appreciated Jenn's positive attitude, firmness when needed, and challenging me to stretch, while at the same time in a warm and caring way."  

-Jen S.

“Before my first appointment with Jenn, I was suffering with addictive cravings and was very overweight. I have been in many weight loss programs but not one of these programs would understand my addictive cravings for food nor would they deal with them. On my first visit with Jenn I explained the addictive cravings and she knew what I was referring to and explained what was causing them along with other things that were interfering with my body that led to my problem with weight loss. 


Jenn explained that we would consider nutrition and how it affects our body and she also helped me to understand which foods were better for me and which foods I should try to avoid. She taught me how to make up meals while also getting the proper balance of nutrition. Jenn was able to adapt the food to my tastes, which helps me to stay on track. I have been on this program for two months and I do not have the cravings anymore. I am also losing weight while enjoying some very tasty meals, thanks to great recipes Jenn has given me. I no longer need dairy, sugar, or grains to have very enjoyable meals. I feel like I eat a lot but I am still able to lose weight and not be hungry. Jenn has been such a great encouragement to me and has been able to free me from over 50 years of fighting those cravings. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything, all of your help has really changed my life!”


-Dennis S.

"I began working with Jenn because I was having daily difficulties with digestion. Jenn’s list of foods to avoid plus the supplements she recommended corrected the problem. I am continuing with them and avoiding certain foods. I am trying to improve my sleep by initiating a window of relaxation prior to going to bed. I am also working on drinking more water.”

-Sue D.

"I decided to pursue functional medicine nutrition because I had exhausted the possibilities with GI doctors. My goals were to restore digestive health and regain weight. With functional medicine nutrition, I got my GI system back on track and regained some weight. Now, I am back to normal workout activities and am sleeping well."


-John D.

"I wanted to address being overweight and feeling stressed and tired. I had a serious lack of energy, and it was concerning. Most significantly, I have embraced cooking and viewing diet as a lifestyle choice rather than a chore. I’ve successfully lost weight and have gotten healthy on my own in the past, but I needed help and accountability this time around. Now that I have implemented functional medicine diet and lifestyle changes, I have been able to release stress, maintain mindfulness, and have gained back a lot of confidence. I feel incredibly relaxed as well as rejuvenated each day! Jenn is so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and she genuinely cares about my experience. It is so refreshing!"


-Lisa M.

"I started working with functional medicine nutrition due to having major issues with digestion, bloating, and discomfort. My health goals were to get my digestion back to a functional level so that my bloating and discomfort could essentially go away. I also evaluated my overall relationship with food.


My digestion got back on track and I noticed such a positive change in my weight, mind, body, and mood. I never thought I could feel this way! My biggest takeaway for this was to do what's right for you and not worry about societal reactions in terms of your health. Everyone has their own journey and while it can be hard at times, the payoff is so worth it.


Jenn is so incredibly friendly, smart, and kind. I have always felt anxious/intimidated by medical professionals but she really helped me express my needs and find my voice. I cannot thank her enough."

Tania R. 


"My interest in functional medicine nutrition was two-fold -- I wanted to discover the best nutritional support for a woman of my age (67) and I wanted a way of eating that would lower the inflammation in my body to help alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. The most significant improvement I notice is the amount of energy I have throughout the day. Functional medicine nutrition is different from other eating plans I've tried in that it emphasizes food choices rather than focusing on foods I can't or shouldn't eat. I'm never hungry. Besides having more energy, I feel confident in my food choices and feel more in control of how those choices impact me. Eating is not an emotional response to the day's events. Functional medicine nutrition empowers me to make informed choices about the foods I eat and reflect upon the relationship between those choices and the way I feel." 


-Jill H.

"I wanted to decrease overall inflammation in hopes of healing my leg injury and possibly coming off RA medication. With functional medicine nutrition, I was sleeping better and had a decrease in inflammation as well as more energy. I loved the diet plans. They were balanced, not too strict, healthy, and easy to stick to. I am still taking my RA medicine but have experienced much more awareness in my body and mind connected to the food I eat."


-Jess F.

"I wanted to support my husband who saw Jenn. He had to do a 10-day cleanse so we did it together. I was surprised that my knee pain completely went away and my knee crunching was reduced. Eating a lot of vegetables is so tasty and not as hard and boring as you might think. The supplement we drank was pretty tasty. Jenn has helped my husband and I to realize the power of food and the power of the body to heal."

-Cindy C.

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